Check out these 5 custom ranch gates with unique themes!

Your property’s entrance is your visitors’ first impression. Every custom gate should be designed thoughtfully, with your individual branding and interests in mind. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your custom entrance or driveway gate, check out these five custom ranch gates with unique themes!

custom ranch entrance gate in texas
donkey, unique ideas for gate design

1. Almosta Ranch: Custom Ranch Gate with Horses

This entrance features a full artwork gate that has a custom horse scene. It features detailed artwork of horses, a donkey, plants and trees. Other details featured on the gate includes the address number, the name of the ranch and Texas-themed stars. Fun Fact: The donkey is standing on the outside of the fence and the customers initials are “carved” into the trunk of the tree.

bee themed entrance design
custom ranch gate, unique, beehive, bees, bee gate

2. The Beehive: Custom Automatic Gate With Bee Artwork

This beehive themed gate has 8” thick borders to have the bolder look all the way around with the center bee with a hive honeycomb around it. The customer also owns a wedding venue next door, and this gate design compliments the venue’s large live oak wood entrance that has two bumblebee wings with a sign.

Ranch Entrances and Driveway Gates at Trails West Gate Company
custom gate with stone columns, and pipe fencing with dog artwork

3. The Linegar Property Entrance: Stone Columns & Puppy Artwork

This unique entrance is a minimalistic gate with a custom logo in the center. The fencing is a 4-rail round tubing fence that has an art insert on each side of the gate. The entrance also features stone columns with custom branded canister lights on each side of the gate. Fun Fact: The dog in the art scene is a silhouette of the property owner’s dog.

indian artwork, iron art, iron gate, ranch gate, stone columns
Ranch Entrances and Driveway Gates at Trails West Gate Company

4. Brushwood Rose Ranch: Texas Longhorn Custom Artwork & Detailed Design

Brushwood Rose Ranch features a double swing full artwork gate with an overhead. The owner raised registered Texas Longhorns and the Native American / Indian headdress in the center pays homage to his company’s logo. On the left side of the gate, the cattle are hand drawn from two pictures provided by the customer. You can also see their brand in the windmill and hanging from the overhead.

bunny, rabbit, animal, metal art, ranch, wood fencing

5. Rabbit Hill Farm: Bunny-Themed Custom Gate

Rabbit Hill Farms gate is a single swing ranch gate that has an oval in the center with a raised logo. The bunny is the same design as the farms sign that came with the property. On the opposite side of the oval when looking at the back of the gate it has the same raised art so that you can see the same thing from both sides.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest to get inspired by some gorgeous custom gate and entrance designs!

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