Your ranch gate is a bit of an oxymoron—it’s an aesthetic ‘welcome’ as well as a stately, ‘keep out! It subtly yet elegantly implies, this is my property, my friends and family can enter; yet it confidently states, all others, stay away!

One could say in this sense that a gate is contradictory, when in fact, its purpose is intentional. A quick history lesson on gates teach us that gates were originally created as a landmark on featureless prairieland, directing the weary traveler to the ranch. Gates later become a means for advertising cattle for seedstock (Texas Monthly, July 1983).

Ranch Entrances and Driveway Gates at Trails West Gate Company

So, what do you, the modern-day ranch owner look for in your ranch gate? First of all, it needs to work. The last think you want is to have to traverse down your long, windy driveway to welcome your guests when you gate does that for you. Most gates in this day and age are automatic. You and your guests have access to your property through a code and voila, your gate swings or slides open. Thus, you do not want to skimp on the functionality of your gate. While there are many operators to choose from, you want to make sure to select one that has the proper weight capacity and choose the best power source option that fits your property. When choosing between electric and solar, if you select solar, be sure that you do not have a plethora of trees or other obstructions blocking the sunlight over the panel.

Next, your gate is an avenue to showcase your style. Perhaps you want to make a statement with a custom gate featuring a wildlife scene secured by stone columns, aglow with up-lighting against the starry sky–one that makes you and your guests say wow. Or maybe you prefer a modern, streamlined look adorned with your last name, one that adds just a touch of elegance to your sprawling property or home. Your gate is the first thing you and your guests see when they step foot or wheel onto your property; it’s no secret that you want your gate to resonate with you and your family’s style.

Your gate should be timeless, not just in style but in quality. A quality gate means using the strongest materials throughout the entire construction process—from the gate material and the installation, to the posts it will mount too. The quality of your gate should be top-notch, even down to the paint or powder coat that is used; you want your gate not only to sparkle in the sunlight, but also last for generations to come.

Ranch Entrances and Driveway Gates at Trails West Gate Company

Last but not least, your ranch gate does not need to be singular. You can have several gates on your ranch if your property lends itself to this approach. Perhaps you have cattle in one area and horses in another and you need to keep your livestock separated. Or maybe your ranch is intended for hunting and you want to guide your guests to various areas of your property.  Some hunting ranches section off their property utilizing gates as signage for the types of animals that can be hunted in those areas. Clearly, utility of gates is based on the type and purpose of the ranch or property!

As you can surmise, gates are purposeful. They both welcome people and animals–and keep them away. They complement your land and personal space while keeping you, your family and guests safe!

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