How We

Figgur It Out

The devil is in the details.


Our Process 1


Our Process 2

The Plan

​We start with the designer’s conceptual drawings.
This is a sketch after several preliminaries.

Our Process 3

The View

​Every view is taken into consideration.
The design must be beautiful from all directions.

Our Process 4


Our Process 5

​When we get to the engineering phase we put the plan into Google earth for the aerial information.

Our Process 6

The engineer makes blueprints for all contractors, including electrical markers.

The design changes to asymmetrical
to add more interest and better compliment the land.

The Build

Walls are installed before PVC fence is removed.

Our Process 7
Our Process 8
Our Process 9

Lighting Test

Our Process 10

This was our lighting test on the animal side.

Our Process 11

This was our lighting test on the  water side.

Final Entrance Before Landscaping

Our Process 12