Our Classic Collection Provides Custom Quality Gates With A

Simple Design & Timeless Look

Our classic gates give you the ability to have a custom gate with just a touch of personality that still sets you apart from the rest. The classic collection is our most affordable collection without sacrificing quality and design!

*Starting at $45 a square foot

Classic Ranch Gate - Automatic Solar Power Gate Company
decorative metal gate company
texas star themed gate with stone columns and pipe iron fencing
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– One-on-one design process

– Most classic gates will have overlay welds, specifically the ones with double arches. (Meaning that the bars will be welded on top of the frame)

– Made of quality materials

– Custom-built just for you

– Design changes

– Painted in PPG industrial paint

– Artwork cut out of 3/16th plate

– Hassle Free install with Trails West

– 6-inch posts set in concrete with footers

– 7-inch weld on grease-able hinges

– Gate Automation

– Any gate can be a single swing, double swing, or slide gate.

– Double swing gates have 7-Inch weld on adjustable hinges

– Slide gates can be track slide or cantilever

– Additional accessories to make slide gate function properly


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