Understand Who We Are

At Trails West Gate Company, we pride ourselves on creating custom metal gates using top-quality materials, devoting time to one-on-one design processes, pricing fairly, and being innovative with every gate we fabricate. With 30 years of service to our customers, we are not only passionate builders at the top of our industry, we are passionate about fabricating gates that make our customers fall in with love with their property.

Our Story

In a world full of the ordinary, there will always be a place for the extraordinary. That is why Trails West never sets a boundary for itself. Trails West Gate company was founded in 1990, and is now owned by John King, a trailblazer and entrepreneur who founded and also owns JK Welding. John recognizes the importance of providing customers with a full-service experience, which is why Trails West takes its customers on a seamless journey from gate conception, and design to installation and aesthetic completion.

Our unmistakable design is meant to complement the land and one’s personal space. Business or residential, we offer solutions to your security and visual needs in a new and dynamic way. We send our handcrafted gates all over the world. From mountain ranches and sprawling farms, to zoos and gated communities, they will continue to stand the test of time—both in quality and timelessness. John and the team at Trails West will make your gate purchase experience like none other; it will be extraordinary, just like your beautiful gate.