4 Things to Consider When Deciding Between a Pre-Made or Custom-Made Automated Iron Gate for Your Home

An automatic iron gate is a great investment for your home, offering increased security, convenience, and a very stylish fixture to your home’s exterior. However, there are choices when it comes to buying an automated iron gate for your home, pre-made or custom-made.

Each has their advantages and disadvantages depending on your requirements so be sure to consider the following four things when deciding between a pre-made or custom-made automated iron gate for your home:

1. Cost

One of the main considerations to make between a pre-made and custom-made automated iron gate for your home is the price. As you might imagine, a pre-made design is generally much cheaper than a custom-made design, being mass produced that results in a lower cost to manufacture.
As a result, pre-made automatic iron gates are always going to be cheaper than a custom-made gate, so be sure to consider your budget for the gate when deciding between the two options.

2. Time

How urgently do you need the gate by? Some people have strict deadlines they want to stick to, which is understanding when considering the added security and convenience the gate provides the home with.

So, those that want to have their automated gate installed as soon as possible should probably decide on a pre-made product. These are typically ready for installation when purchased, while a custom-made gate could take several weeks to finish and install, so bear this in mind when choosing between each gate.

3. Style

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a custom-made automated iron gate is the fact you decide on the design.

This is a huge draw for many people, as automated gates are one of the main features outside your property, so if you want a specific design that fits within your current aesthetics, then a custom-made gate is always a better option.

You can get virtually any style you want from a custom-made design, with the iron capable of being wrought into countless designs to meet your tastes. Remember, an automated gate adds value to a property, so the more stylish the design the more value it is likely to add.

4. Versatility

A custom-made automated gate is always going to be a more versatile option as it can be designed to accommodate the precise needs of your property. Whether it’s the size, style, or color, a custom-made gate is always going to guarantee the best fit possible.

For top-notch automatic gates for your home or business, Superior Gate Services is the trusted local choice.  To get ideas and to see some recent examples of our work, take a look at our gallery page. When you are looking for a new gate or any related equipment, we welcome you to either contact us through our website or call us at (855) 747-4283 and one of our friendly representatives will be glad to answer any questions you have, or arrange a free consultation with no obligation.


Many of us love the quiet joy of being able to open our gates automatically in the rain with out getting wet. For one customer the threat of rain was much greater than the inconvenience of a light shower.

Flooding is becoming an increasingly big problem in the UK. It never seems to be out of the national news for long, and is often on the mind of local councils too. This customer embraced the very real possibility of flooding along their driveway so we worked with our customer to create a gate that would be able to with stand the rising waters.

This sliding gate has the motor above the anticipated flood level in order to avoid water damage. The metal frame of the gate is strong enough to with stand any water pressure without warping. The wooden panel design provides a pleasing contemporary design while allowing water to flow through the gate when required.

The careful planning and design of this gate will allow it work seamlessly in all weather for years to come.

Driveway Gate Designs That Make The Entrance Attractive

Driveway gates are an easy way to enhance the aesthetics of your entrance. Gate is the first thing the visitors see to develop an impression. Therefore, the driveway gate should be attractive. But choosing the correct designs for your driveway gates so that they complement the house is the tricky task? There are mainly three types of driveway gates: sliding, bi-parting, and a single swing. Each design protects the people inside the house and prevents unwanted people from entering the driveway. However, not all designs of a driveway gate can be used. Let’s explore which design fits best for a particular driveway.

Sliding Gate

If a driveway gets covered with a lot of snow in the winter, then a sliding gate would be the best option for you. Sliding gates are very effective when the driveway is steep. It is also an excellent alternative to the swing gate. These gates are available in all sizes so that they fit everyone’s requirements. These can be either wooden or metallic, but both look elegant.

Bi-parting Gate

If you have a driveway that is greater than 14 feet in width, then a bi-parting gate will work best. These gates are effective because these need less space as compared to swing gates. Furthermore, these gates are elegant and have the capacity to accommodate wider openings.

Single-swing Gate

If your driveway has at least 12 feet space on either side of the gate or your driveway is 14 feet wide, or less, you can consider a single-swing gate. These gates either open on the right side or on the left side. Furthermore, these gates are less expensive than bi-parting gates.

No matter whatever designs you wish to choose for your driveway gate, Cypress Garage & Gates excel in making all. Therefore, if you desire an attractive gate for your entrance with beautiful designs, then call us on 832-677-3502, and we will make the gate as per your requirements.

Trails West has been providing excellence to property and home entrances with custom handmade gates in the great state of Texas. We believe in turning ordinary into extrodinary!

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